About Elia Engage

    Through our work to support language service companies, we recognise the crucial importance of the relationship between companies and independent language professionals. As part of our commitment to strengthening that relationship, we launched our annual Together event in 2016 and, as a logical next step, created Elia Engage in early 2017.

    The Elia Engage mission

    Elia Engage is a membership initiative that builds on the annual Together event to provide further opportunities for language service companies (LSCs) and independent language professionals (ILPs) to come together with the ultimate goal of better serving end clients and the industry.

    The aim is to complement the work of national associations and provide a forum for LSCs and ILPs to connect and interact between Together events to establish best practice for long-term, mutually beneficial working relationships. The initiative will also expose ILPs to additional opportunities within the language services industry to support career development and serve to enhance the quality of Together events.

    Elia Engage is open to Elia Full Members and individuals who provide services to the language industry on an independent/freelance basis.

    Meet the Committee

    Steve Lank

    Vice President, Translation Services
    Cesco Linguistic Services, USA

    An industry veteran, but still a translator at heart, Steve has been involved in the creation of the Elia Engage initiative and its context. He strongly believes that the agency-freelancer relationship is absolutely essential to our industry, and that trust and acknowledging one another’s needs will lead to a win-win partnership. Get to know more about Steve here

    Dena Angevin

    Senior Project Manager
    Language Creations, Poland

    Dena is an American living in Poland for many years, with experience in project management, translation, revising, proofreading and executive recruitment. She is keen to help develop a more open and mutually beneficial collaboration between freelancers and language companies. Get to know more about Dena here

    Gökhan Firat

    Operations Manager
    Localex, Turkey

    With previous experience as a translator, copy-editor, technology consultant and trainer for translation and localisation, Gökhan is a founding member of various translation-related organisations in his country, and is today a partner in a language company in Turkey. Get to know more about Gökhan here

    Carlos la Orden Tovar

    Independent Language Professional 
    InsideLoc, Italy

    Carlos is a long-serving industry professional with a career that spans from Information Technology to Language and Education across Europe and America. He today splits his time as a freelance Language Consultant and Localiser, Speaker and Lecture at Universidad International de la Rioja. Get to know more about Carlos here

    Roberta Tabolacci

    Independent Language Professional
    RT Translations, Italy

    Roberta is an Italian language enthusiast and travel addict specialising in creative texts, but always with a glimpse to business management and entrepreneurship. After discovering Africa’s languages and cultures, she continues to work as freelance translator and linguistic consultant in Rome. Get to know more about Roberta here

    About Elia

    Elia is the European not-for-profit association of language service companies with a mission to accelerate our members’ business success.

    We are committed to creating events and initiatives that are highly relevant to the needs and interests of language companies with a European business focus, providing wider benefits to the language industry as a whole.

    Elia was founded in 2005 and has since established itself as the leading trade association for the language services industry in Europe.

    To find out more about Elia and its initiatives, please go to elia-association.org.

    Founding Members

    We would like to thank the following individuals and companies who signed up as Elia Engage Founding Members for their invaluable contributions to the development of the initiative.

    • DiltraTurkey
    • SP
    • Welocalize GmbH
    • Nuadda Words and Languages SL
    • Jerzy Czopik
    • Irina Lebedeva
    • Carolina Sarapo
    • Catriona Cappleman
    • Cesco Linguistic Services, Inc.
    • Ulrike Walter-Lipow
    • Paula van de Griend
    • TransForm Gesellschaft für Sprachen- und Mediendienste mbH
    • Vitaliy Parfeniuk
    • Littera Sr
    • Euroglossa d.o.o.
    • Interlinguae Srl
    • Tanja Güllicher
    • Translate 24/7
    • Literra
    • Robert Sette
    • Mayflower Language Services Pvt. Ltd.
    • Filipe Alverca
    • RP Translate Ltd
    • Rea Gutzwiller
    • Language Creations
    • Laura Matveinen
    • Ted Wozniak
    • Swiss Solutions
    • Hudde Sprachen+
    • Paulo José
    • IOLAR
    • Carlos la Orden Tovar
    • Traduccions LINK
    • Kevrenn International
    • Isabel Sanllehi Palet
    • Tiina Kokkonen
    • David Parry
    • Summa Linguae
    • Olga Blasco
    • Corporate Services Sp. z o.o.
    • Caroline Souesme
    • Joana Berardo Frazao
    • Charikleia Iliopoulou
    • Silvia Gallico
    • Ingrid Beauvez-Bikchantaev
    • Torsten Schnabel
    • Version internationale
    • Manuela Sampaio
    • Pieter Beens
    • RP Translate Limited
    • Ruth Escolano Roses
    • Katerina Pappa
    • Fiona Gray
    • Localex Language Service Provider
    • Marinus Strang
    • Rebecca Radovanovic
    • Rui Sousa
    • SwissGlobal Language Services
    • Anke Betz
    • SOFITA Ltd.
    • Helke Heino
    • Ana Sofia Correia
    • Victoria Batarchuk
    • Lexyca - Translation that connects
    • Katharina Lanz
    • Olga Deputatova
    • Channel Crossings
    • Andrew Lawless
    • Karen Tkaczyk
    • Kaisu Keisala-Kaseja
    • Aglatech14 Spa
    • Roberta Tabolacci
    • Irina Makarova
    • Bettina Hari
    • Isabella Massardo
    • Cristèle Gillet
    • BoLingo
    • STP (Sandberg Translation Partners)
    • Reetta Hänninen
    • Patricia Louro
    • MULTIvertentes
    • Phyllis Elago
    • BlueLion Language Services
    • Beate Maier