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    Welcome to Elia Engage – our forum for language industry professionals who believe in the power of positive working practices.

    Whether you work for a language service company or for yourself as an independent professional, Elia Engage is an open and transparent environment where you can connect and join forces with new partners and peers who are equally committed to best practice.

    In the process, you’ll grow your network, build your business and contribute to the future success of our industry.

    Why join?

    Language service companies

    • Connect with skilled language professionals so you can focus on developing your business
    • Get new perspectives on best practice to continue exceeding your clients’ expectations


    Independent language professionals

    • Promote your services to language service companies that have signed up to positive working practices
    • Support your career development by accessing additional opportunities within the language industry

    As a forum for professionals from across the industry to meet and collaborate with like-minded partners and peers, Elia Engage aims to create a win-win-win for all stakeholders: our Members, the end clients and audiences that we serve, and the industry as a whole.

    Connections are everything. Don’t you agree?

    Elia Engage is your connection to better serving your clients and the industry. Sign up here

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